Sweet L.A. Rental: Mid City Bungalow for $1,500

This sweet rental is just plain adorable. Los Angeles seems to be the cool bungalow capital of the U.S. of A. based on the Sweet L.A. Rentals we've been discovering lately.

A "bungalow," in case you don't know, is a type of single-story house whose name originated in India. It comes from a Hindu word used to mean a "house in the Bengal style," but when translated by English sailors came to mean quaint digs.

This Los Angeles Bengali house is 600 square feet. It would be perfect for English sailors or any others who desire to inhabit Los Angeles. This 1-bedroom, 1-bath home is available for either a long-term or short-term lease.

Yes, this charming little abode can be yours for $1,500, or $400 per week, for those who are coming to L.A. for a short term period for that big screen test or to take a power lunch with Corey Feldman from "The Goonies."

If short-term is your thing, then why not kick back in the pleasures of West Coast home life - rather than the sterile environment of a Travel Lodge - with a completely furnished private, detached bungalow (in that Bengal style) featuring a dining room and living room with flat screen TV and DVD player.

Pretty much has all you need to drop your bags and take the town by storm. If driving is not your thing, your new sweet rental bungalow is located near the subway lines and close to freeway access for driving. It's convenient to Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Miracle Mile, Hollywood and Downtown.

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