Smartbox: Best gift box for Valentine's day isn't heart-shaped


How do you wrap an adrenaline rush, put a bow on a mind-blowing experience or help your sweetheart check off something on their bucket list for Valentine's Day? Smartbox offers a solution -- and free shipping until February 14.

Cleverly packaged in a CD-like box, each Smartbox contains a gift card and a themed guide book of activities. Your recipient can choose one experience from the extensive list, and will have up to a year and a half to redeem it.

Themes are categorized with monikers such as, "Discovery," "Serenity," "Adventure," "Gourmet" and "Fun for All," Just reading the descriptions of things to do in California gets the imagination going: "Battle down whitewater rapids, hang ten on a surf board, defy gravity in a wind tunnel, build your endurance while rock climbing or simply kayak and discover the beautiful scenery that surrounds you." They had me at defy gravity.