Looks Like Rubbish, Feels Like Home

You wouldn't be faulted for thinking the Unicat home is a garbage truck. However, it is a high-end, off-road mobile home. Yes, you read that correctly: mobile home. Fasten your seat belt, too, because when you discover this breed of mobile home starts at $500,000 you might get whiplash.

Have a look at the surprisingly comfortable interior of the Unicat and let's compare investing in the off-roading, overnighting, garbage-tank-looking vehicle to homes less mobile...
The Unicat mobile homes come in three basic sizes and can be configured in any number of ways based on the size and scale required for living, seating, and kitchen space. The largest size has a chassis of 240" and the smallest, trimmed down version is an enhanced truck cab. The middle size configuration, the Americo Unimog, is built on a Mercedes-Benz high-tech off-road chassis. According to product literature the Unicat may have the power to turn almost-ready-to-retire Baby Boomers into globe-trotting members of the "expedition lifestyle" class with the start of the engine.

True, the Unicat can do things most mobile homes cannot - like climb the all-terrain of exotic locales and impress visitors with sleek interior design. But is it the right home choice for you? If the Jack Kerouac On the Road lifestyle isn't for you, here are a few options in the same price range as the Unicat:

In Dallas, for example, you can get this one-story, traditional-style home. It has wood floors, a swimming pool, renovated kitchen and bath. Boomers: you can't "off-road" in this house, but, the level entryway will keep your knees happy.

Lofts more your thing? In Chicago this brand-new condo is also on the market for $500,000. It features tall ceilings, wooden floors, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The best part is the outdoor deck overlooking Lincoln Park.

Or... here's a radical idea. Save yourself $485,000 (or more) in that retirement kitty and snuggle into this cozy mobile home an hour outside of Pittsburgh. It's clean, near a golf course, and with all that cash you can travel the world in style with ever needing to take your house in for a wash and wax.
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