I Want This $8.5 Mil Los Angeles Landmark Mansion

Yes, it's a big price -- especially in this market -- but it's also a big house and sometimes a gal's gotta dream. And this place is definitely a dream. The grand ballroom is 3,500 square feet alone, so no worries about limiting your next holiday party in this landmark mansion at 1120 Westchester Place in Los Angeles.
The 3-story, 6-bedroom, 5-bath Rosenheim Mansion is a landmark building with all the protection involved with the Mills Act. So sorry, no painting it pink.

It's 15,000-square-feet include some top-shelf amenities like has Peruvian Mahogany, Tiffany glass and six marble fireplaces accented with hammered copper. The dining room has silver and gold leaf for gods sake!

Located in Country Club Park in the Hancock Park neighborhood, close to Downtown L.A. and with easy access to the 10 freeway. And as all mansions should, it has a large lot so you have room to create lush landscaping or place sculptures on the lawn (if you are into that sorta thing).

The aforementioned grand ballroom is currently being used as a sound studio and since it has 50-foot ceilings, it could be used as a pro basketball court, according to the listing. Because hell, if you're gonna go large, why not really do it.

Wonder if there are any secret passageways?
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