How to gear up for Super Bowl Sunday in YoVille


Are you an avid fan of the Saints or the Colts? Do you enjoy watching the Super Bowl just for the commercials? Even if neither of the NFL activities interest you, you can sure dress up like you care about football.

With two sets of helmets, jerseys, and pennants as well as a cheerleader outfit with pom-poms, you can show your allegiance to a team. The sets of football gear come in blue-and-silver YoColts and black-and-vegas-gold YoSaints colors!

Football 2
Football 2

Alas, the prices are a little steep with everything being YoCash except for the cheerleader outfit (for 1800 coins) and the jersey (for 450 coins). The least expensive YoCash item is 7 for a Handheld Pennant. The most expensive - and my personal favorite - are the 13-YoCash pom poms. I'm not a cheerleader, but I think it's cool that Zynga's finally released a double-handed accessory.

Pictures are after the "more" button. Come take a look.

Who's going to win? And will you be dressed to match the winning team? Tell us in the comments.

This article is written by Bella Cooper for the YoVille Lounge.