FarmVille Bonus Checker app gone forever?

farmville bonus checker app is not gone yet!
farmville bonus checker app is not gone yet!

The FarmVille Bonus Checker application gives players a leg up by pulling together FarmVille neighbor's bonuses in one spot, so it's easier to collect as many goodies as possible. For more information, please read: FarmVille Bonus Checker application: Everything you need to know

There have been rumors going around that this handy app was shut down for good, but today, creator Xavier Derry posted on the app's Facebook page that he's asking for fans to have "a little bit of patience" while he works on the database in an effort to make the program run faster and that he'll "make a major update on [sic] saturday or sunday."

We contacted Derry to confirm that the app is coming back and to find out why it has been running so slowly (its popularity is likely to blame).

Don't worry, FBC fans, all hope is not lost yet.