Building's Super is a Registered Sex Offender

Does a registered sex offender have a key to your place? Are you super sure?

It was recently revealed that a New York apartment super named William Barnason is exactly that: a registered sex offender with a key to every apartment in not just one, but three, apartment buildings.

He was convicted in 1986 for the sexual assault of four female victims under the age of 17 and one as young as 5, according to the New York State Sex Offender Registry. Barnason spent nearly 15 years behind bars.Barnason had been working as a superintendent for landlord Stanley Katz for several years at 140 West 75th St., 142 West 75th St., and at 144 West 73rd St. Barnason lives in the latter (apparently near a psychic who did not return calls inquiring if she knew about the situation).

In addition to the security breach several residents maintain that Barnason has propositioned them to exchange sexual favors for perks such as reduced rent and better units.

It is unclear when Katz hired Barnason, and, calls to Katz's lawyer were not returned.

What would you do if you discovered that a sexual predator had keys to your apartment? Or, should time served be enough to clear someone's past wrongdoings?

Via The Real Deal
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