Bejeweled Blitz says 'we're sorry' - gives away 50,000 free coins

bejeweled blitz coins
bejeweled blitz coins

When the Bejeweled Blitz update launched on January 26, things didn't run as smoothly as planned. Players were appearing, then disappering from leaderboards and many complained the game wouldn't load at all. After a few days, PopCap says the game collapsed due to a "trillion exploding gems" all at once, and after a few days of retooling, the problems seemed to be fix.

Just to make sure there are no hard feelings, anyone who logs into the game before February 9 will automatically earn 50,000 coins. In this Bejeweled Blitz update, you can use coins (earned by playing the game) to buy boosts, which can significantly alter the game. Read our complete guide to Bejeweled Blitz coins and boosts.

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