YoVille 2010 V-Day costumes and accessories arrive

Valentine's Day 2010 Costumes have arrived in the Fashion Store in YoVille. The 2010 V-Day costumes are dresses and shoes for the gals and tunic-like shirts with sandals for the guys. No wings like '09. However, you can buy LOTS of accessories: balloons, wings, hats, as well as bows and arrows. Unfortunately, it'll help if you have YoCash or know a good friend who does.

Because all - every.single.one.of.them - are YoCash.

V-Day 2

Read more and see pictures with items after the jump. Oh, yeah, and feel free to comment, too! =)

And, as a YoVillian myself, I went to do a little accessories shopping this morning in events. Most people selling the YoCash items second-hand were having fun marking up items nearly 200% of their YoCash:YoCoin price. I guess these accessories, while extremely cute but hard to procure, will do two things: (1) make a ton of money for Zynga and (2) entice people to buy and spend even more YoCash.

Lastly, there are wallpapers and flooring to add to your YoHome. The carpeted ones are each 1,000 coins while the hearts ones are selling for 4 YoCash in the Furniture Store.

This article is written by Bella Cooper for the YoVille Lounge.

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