Skip Hotel Housekeeping and Save

Asking guests to reuse towels and bed linens has been a strategy for hotels looking to go green, and save a little money in the process. Now guests looking for savings can get in on the action too, with hotels offering deal incentives to travelers who refuse maid service entirely.

Starwood's "Make a Green Choice" program offers guests the choice between a $5 gift card or 500 Starwood loyalty points for every day of housekeeping service declined. The offer is available at 149 Westin and Sheraton hotels in North America, and the gift cards are redeemable at food and beverage outlets located within the hotels. Those looking to take advantage of the initiative need only to hang a card on your room's door handle before 2 a.m. to refuse service.

Hilton also offers a similar program, where travelers can cash in on 500 loyalty points, or a $5 gift card-all you need to do to decline housekeeping is enter a code on your hotel room's phone each morning.

A travel blog for the New York Times also identifies the Marmara Manhattan, a luxury hotel located on Manhattan's Upper East Side, as a property that gives back to travelers willing to rough it on less-than-clean sheets. Those willing to forego housekeeping for three days straight can cash in on discounts amounting to $20 a night.

Ready to rack up some savings? Before you book your room, remember your stay has to last longer than a day, since every room has to be freshened up for newly arriving guests.

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