Romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two -- at the Waffle House

Valentine's Day DinnerTaking your honey out for Valentine's Day? A prix-fixe four-course special at one of Atlanta's finest restaurants, Aria, will set you back $85 per person BEFORE tax and tip.

Fear not, though; those of us of more modest means can still enjoy dining by candlelight at a southern restaurant famous for its unique menu: the Waffle House.

Some Waffle Houses in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and the honorary southern state of Ohio are offering a special Valentine's Day dinner, by reservation only.

If all of them follow the example of the Waffle Houses in the Atlanta area, diners will be seated at a booth set with a red tablecloth, with silverware neatly wrapped in a special gold ring. A gift of flowers is presented to the distaff member of the couple. Romantic music is provided to accompany your meal, and a photographer may be there to snap your picture to commemorate the occasion.

You may choose your food from the standard menu, and, may I point out, nothing says "I Love You" like a plate of hash browns, smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, and topped.

Feel the need to give your sweetie something by which to remember this special meal? How about a pink "Team Waffle House" fitted tee? Or a camouflage T-shirt with the phrase "No Grits, No Glory!" Yeah, that'll make a memorable Valentine's Day.

And you should sleep well that night, all alone in that bed.
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