Living the Platinum Life on Facebook [Video]

Living the Platinum Life on Facebook [Video]

Platinum Life is the first Facebook game to put you in control of a hip-hop superstar.

The game chronicles your rise to stardom. First you'll design your star, beginning the game as an unsigned scrub with just spark of talent. As you embark on your quest for stardom, you'll carefully select your crew, use your mad skills to prove yourself the best of the underground, defeat your rivals, get signed by a label, battle up through the ranks, and live the life of a hot celebrity. Along the way, you'll even meet some of today's biggest names in hip hop. However, the path is full of obstacles and it won't be easy securing your place at the top.

Though the original Platinum Life was a MMO for PC, this Web Edition is for Facebook. That means you can interact with your friends as they track your status as you rise from "the streets to penthouse suites"

It's about time we got a look at Platinum Life: Web Edition. We've been waiting for Platinum Life to drop since last November when we first heard about the hip hop social lifestyle game coming to Facebook. The release is coming up in the next few weeks and we're hyped to see what this unique flavor of Facebook game has to offer.

Check back in the weeks to come for more info.

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