Do you have an Old World Globe in YoVille?

gift old world globe yoville
gift old world globe yoville

Zynga is gifting an "Old World Globe" to all its fans who sign up for the YoVille newsletter. This offer is only for limited time and most important, itsnot trade-able or gift-able. If you don't see a newsletter icon, then check your application settings on Facebook and follow steps specified below by Madhur:

- When you sign in on FB, at the top, you have the home/profile and others, you have "Settings" there.
- Click on "Settings" then "Application Settings."
- Select "edit settings" for YoVille.
- Check if you have signed up for mail. If you have not, you will get the option of signing up. (It might be in a box that pops up titled, "Additional Permissions" after the above step.)
- If you are already signed up, remove the authorization for emails to your email ID. Sign in on YoVille, and you will either get the pop-up or see the collectible in the store bar.