Brave Arms aims to bring a 'real video game experience' to Facebook

brave arms facebook
brave arms facebook

If you're bored of playing games that revolve around planting, cooking or cleaning friends' pets/fish/cafe -- upcoming first-person shooter Brave Arms wants to shake things up by bringing "a real video game experience" on Facebook.

Details about the game are scarce, other than the fact that players will be able to compete solo or form teams with friends, and microtransactions will be part of the game.

From the art on the Brave Arms official site, it looks like Brave Arms will have 3-D characters in a series of environments -- one in a generic warehouse and another in a snowbound mountain setting. It also looks like there will be a handful of weapons, duel-wielded pistols, military assault rifles with scopes and another more space-age gun that appears to shoot lasers (or something of that ilk).

Game developer 3G Studios created the original Rock Band, a few PSP games and most recently, Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 for Wii, so it will be interesting to see how the experience working on both casual and more traditional video games will come together in Brave Arms. This first-person shooter's set for release in March, and trigger-happy Facebook gamers can reserve a nickname in advance of the public beta.