World of Warcraft Facebook Armory App touts in-game progress


On February 1, World of Warcraft launched a Facebook Armory app, designed to inform friends about your accomplishments in the hugely popular online game from Blizzard. For those who aren't in the know, the WoW armory is where players go to check their stats, keep up with guild activities and equipment (and much more).

wow facebook armory app says, look at me!
wow facebook armory app says, look at me! gives a complete rundown on the app and says if you're the kind of person who want to flaunt your skills, then "this is the app for you."

Other things to know about this app:

- You have to use your account info to login
- You can choose up to five characters for the app
- You can customize your feed to show, e.g., how may bosses killed, loot acquired and achievements earned
- The app pushes updates to your Facebook feed by default (which can be turned off, and just show up in the app feed)
- Data might take up to 10 minutes to show up in your feed

As an aside, a WoW armory app has also been created for iPhone/iPod touch, which doesn't have the same social elements as the FB version, but will soon have an add-on that will include access to an auction house, where players can bid for in-game items on the go.

Do you think your friends will want to know about the goings-on in your WoW game?