Top 25 Facebook games for January

Play FarmVille and Pet Society but want to know what other Facebook games everybody's playing? This list of the top 25 games from ISG should offer some fresh ideas.

Top 25 Facebook games for January
FarmVille still leads the pack as the most popular game on Facebook, holding steady at around 75 million monthly active users. Some might argue that the virtual farming game has plateaued, and will need something magical to attract new players. The virtual farming game is still one of the most engaging on Facebook, namely because many of your friends are probably playing, and there's a constant stream of updates -- such as Super Pumpkins and Horse Stables -- that change the game experience.

It's also worth pointing out Zoo World, a zoo simulation game that launched last year and has since zoomed into the top 10. The game doesn't do anything extraordinary, but does a good job at helping players progress by offering a constant flow of objectives. The rest of the big games -- Cafe World, Happy Aquarium, MindJolt, have, for the most part, stayed the same month-over-month, so if you decide to try something new, you'll won't be one of a handful of people playing.

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