Take a Trip Inside Pink Martini Lead Man's Pad

Are you dreaming of owning a home/artist loft/work space? Do you reject boring homes and blah interior design? Find your inspiration in the eclectic Portland home of Thomas Lauderdale, the founder, songwriter, and pianist of the 12-piece orchestral band Pink Martini.

The Wall Street Journal describes the home as being similar to his music: "retro, campy bohemian with a strong emphasis on the past."

Starting with the quirky collection of 1950s era paint-by-number paintings on the first floor - a storefront which doubles as the home's ground-floor office - the 1874 home reveals its unique character...
Lauderdale lives in the middle of Portland's commercial district in a 9,600-square-foot building. He purchased the building for $441,000 in 2001. Since then it has become a place for late night parties, film screenings, poetry readings, and other creative endeavors. He tells The Wall Street Journal that an advantage to living in a commercial area are the few noise restrictions.

Moving up to the second floor is a studio Mr. Lauderdale rents to a photographer. It looks like an excellent work space with plenty of light.

Finally, you reach the open living space of the upstairs.

Filled with a collection of art, furniture, and unusual objects it is the heart of the home. The new kitchen set against the aged patina of the concrete wall sums up the home's elegant mixture of new and old.

Mr. Lauderdale's artistic reuse of a commercial building should inspire anyone seeking life in unusual surroundings, in any city.

Via The Wall Street Journal
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