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StaffPointe is a specialty staffing firm featuring a network of more than 100 affiliated staffing firms in the United States. This network gives candidates access to opportunities at many firms. While primarily focusing on health-care professionals, they also staff a number of other types of specialty professionals.


1. Assess – StaffPointe assesses hiring company requirements.

2. Develop – The company develops a recruiting plan tailored to hiring company needs. They treat each position uniquely, and develop tailored recruiting approaches.

3. Deploy – StaffPointe searches for candidates by placing ads, searching their internal network, and by communicating requirements to their partner recruiting firm network.

4. Screen – The company primarily performs phone screens to "go beyond the resume"

5. Submit – StaffPointe submits just a few of the top applicants to the hiring organization

StaffPointe differentiates itself by its national network of partners, as well as by its leadership of heavily experienced managers with years of experience in healthcare, recruiting and business development. Staffpointe functions as a private job board, with contract and permanent listings from its network of over 100 recruiting firms nationwide. The company does not appear to offer candidate training or continuing education opportunities. StaffPointe did not refer us to candidates, nor were there candidate reviews posted on Glassdoor.com.

Service lines:

  • StaffPointe (Healthcare Recruiting Solutions) – healthcare CEO, healthcare CFO, healthcare CIO, pharmacy managers, physician leaders, nurse managers, lab managers, radiology managers. (Note: While their Web site lists these as specialties, they seem also to regularly recruit for physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.)

  • StaffPointe Federal (Aerospace & Defense Recruiting Solutions) – accounting & finance, hardware & software, aerospace & aviation, healthcare, chemical & biological research & analysis, engineering, science

  • StaffPointe Legal (Legal Recruiting Solutions) – banking, family law, civil rights, healthcare, contract law, intellectual property, employment real estate

  • StaffPointe Financial (Financial Recruiting Solutions) – accounting, financial, banking, insurance, corporate, operations, executive/management, securities

  • StaffPointe Technical (Information Technology Recruiting Solutions) – application developer, executive/director, business analyst, healthcare IT, CRM consultant, programmer, database developer, telecommunications

  • StaffPointe Engineering (Engineering Recruiting Solutions) –.aerospace, industrial, chemical, mechanical, civil, software, electrical, structural


While StaffPointe doesn't disclose clients, it does offer selected client quotes on its home Web page:

"As the senior operations officer for a health care services contract management company, I can tell you that the key to achieving value based results and long term client relations is placing high quality leaders on the ground (from the start). Unlike other search consultants, StaffPointe locates candidates that meet our specifications rather than trying to make other candidates fit the requirements. The firm continues to source candidates until we are completely satisfied. This positive track record has earned StaffPointe an exclusive arrangement with my company. " - F.B., senior vice president

"If you have a successful and busy medical practice and need to recruit new physicians, StaffPointe will suit you perfectly. Within weeks, we had met and contracted with one physician and are currently working with StaffPointe to contract another. We recommend StaffPointe without reservation and consider them our primary medical staffing consultants" – F.L., practice manager

"I must say that we have been highly impressed by the quick response from your recruiters as well as the quality of the candidates we have been sent." – J.W., employee relations


StaffPointe is located in St. Joseph, MO, but maintains a network of more than 100 affiliated recruiting partner firms. Partner firms are located throughout the United States (map).


StaffPointe primarily staffs medical, nursing, and allied health care jobs nationally through a network of over 100 affiliates, acting as a private job board. The company also lists positions for IT, Finance/Accounting, Engineering, Federal, and Legal specialties.

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