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Founded in 1960, Randstad is now the world's second-largest staffing and recruiting firm, following a merger with Dutch rival Vedior in 2008. Randstad employs 28,000 people in internal functions, manages over 4,300 branches, and employs more than 450,000 people daily including temporary employees, according to Ranstad's Web site. The company has grown organically and through acquisitions.

With a mission of "Shaping the world of work," Randstad strives to be a major force managing global supply and demand of labor. Randstad's current advertising campaign for "True Value" demonstrates their belief that individual employees represent "the real value in the world of work".


Randstad maintains small local offices, typically staffed by two recruiters, who rotate between sales and recruiting functions. These localized offices allow recruiters to have a close knowledge of local employers and local talent. The company also maintains an in-company presence for enterprise clients. One Randstad recruiter described the company as featuring "currently great focus on growing the business with a good balance of activities, marketing, accountability. Positive, respectful leadership. Demanding, busy job but fair and fun. While the company, like many, has had some ups and downs, it is definitely now more 'UP'. Will certainly continue to go UP. Need to work on employee benefits." (name withheld - Glassdoor.com)

While the company does not disclose a success rate, a Randstad job candidate remarked, "Overall, my experience was satisfactory with regards to their proactive recruiting and salary negotiation. The account managers were on-site with my company and were available to discuss issues, etc." (name withheld, Glassdoor.com)

Types of Jobs Offered:

According to CareerBuilder, Randstad provides "temporary, permanent, and outsourced placement within Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Health care, Industrial, IT, Legal, Life Sciences, and Office. Other offerings include payrolling, managed services, recruitment process outsourcing and HR consulting solutions." The company does not disclose success rates, nor clients served.

Service lines:

Staffing – Randstad's core services are temporary and specialty staffing

Inhouse Services – on-site staffing for major customers to provide high quality flexible labor

Professionals – professionals, middle and senior managers: IT, finance specialists, HR, legal, marketing and communication

Search & Selection – retained and contingent permanent placement for middle and senior managers

HR Solutions – outsourced solutions in HR management, HR project management and HR consultancy services


While Randstad is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the company operates in 45 countries, including 600 U.S. branches. The firm is strongest in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, and the southeastern United States. See Randstad's Web site for details.


Randstad's small offices and localized employer knowledge can give candidates a great chance to find staffing assignments or get a "foot in the door" through temporary work. The company's post-merger global leadership gives employees great opportunities. Expect the United States to be a focus of the company's future growth, providing potentially strong opportunities for new American employees who want to help the company in "Shaping the world of work."

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