Pet Society petling all growed up - Day 3

I'm proud to announce that today, George Clooney-yes, that's my Pet Society petling's full name-grew another 4-5 centimeters. He's now positively bigger than the reindeer plushie.

The growth spurt happened right after he ate a bone. Petlings appear to become hungry exactly 24 hours after their last feeding. They won't leave you alone when they're hungry. They will follow you and bother you at inconvenient times:

Thanks to Eric for sharing that awesome picture on the P.S. Anonymous fan page.

To get your attention, hungry petlings will stand on their hind legs or do a somersault. They'll do another somersault right after you feed them. At least, that's what George Clooney did.

Caution: Be careful where you leave your food. Some people have reported that their petlings gobbled up food, such as the new Cupid Ice Cream, that was displayed on a table. Keep the petling in a separate room to avoid unwanted surprises.

This article originally appeared on Pet Society Anonymous.
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