Miley Cyrus's 9-year-old sister helps sell lingerie for kids


Update: According to the Gossip Cop, an anonymous source told the Web site that Noah Cyrus "is NOT starting this line, that she is NOT involved in its launch, and that it's NOT lingerie in the first place." Also of note; all of the collections have been taken off of the Ooh! La, La! Couture Web site.

If there were ever a time when our nation should utter a collective "huh," ( or more likely a "WTF!?") the time is now. Miley Cyrus's 9-year old sister Noah, who is already known for wearing a dominatrix outfit for Halloween and pole dancing with her friends, is helping her cousin Emily Grace Launch a line of lingerie for children. Yes, lingerie, as in underwear that is designed to, "be visually appealing or sensuous," ... for children and teenagers.

How this idea made it through the pitch stage without someone -- maybe Billy Ray Cyrus, or Emily Grace's father standing up and saying, "over my dead body!!" -- is beyond me. How any clothing line executive couldn't see the blinking, day-glo words: BAD IDEA/PUBLIC OUTRAGE over the concept defies common sense. The absurdity of a lingerie line for children, even teens, is so obviously wrong that even the 14-year-old son of one of our writers asked, "Didn't her parents tell her it was a bad idea?"

The new line of lingerie for kids is from Ooh! La, La! Couture, a clothing company which describes its clothing as, "unique combinations of comfortable knits, exclusive prints, Swarovski crystals, and fanciful trims, were immediately appreciated by little divas and moms alike." Its Website does not show any of the lingerie, which was discussed in a video between Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace in which Emily is seen wearing fishnets (a clothing item that no child should have any familiarity with."

The video has since been removed. Gee, guys. Why's that? Pedophiles worldwide would no doubt love a look at this line.