Hey Keith Olbermann, Have You Ever Really Read DailyFinance?

When I wrote about signs that the tide is turning against MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, I suspected it might land me a place on his "Worst Person in the World" list, the segment he uses for most of his score-settling. What I didn't anticipate was that he'd tell an outright lie about me and the organization I work for.

On Tuesday night's Countdown, Olbermann, claiming he wanted to "clear up" misperceptions about his show's ratings, called DailyFinance a "right-wing site" and lumped us in with Glenn Beck and the National Review.Now, I'm something of an old-school journalist in that I don't believe in broadcasting my politics in public. I guess I'm doing a decent job of keeping them under wraps if Olbermann can call me a right-winger while actual right-wingers like Michelle Malkin and Ed Driscoll seem to believe I'm a flaming liberal.

If anyone were to take my voting record and those of my co-workers and put them all online, my hunch is it would pretty quickly lay bare the falsity of the claim that DailyFinance constitutes some kind of conservative organ. But I don't know for sure. We're a business-news site. We don't talk about party politics all that much.

All Points of View

But we do publish plenty of opinionated and strongly argued writing, and that alone is proof that Olbermann is wrong. Would a "right-wing site" carry Peter Cohan's searingindictments of George W. Bush's record in office, or Mark Svenvold's passionate calls for alternative energy sources to combat climate change? I'm thinking no. I'm also thinking my imaginary right-wing editors wouldn't be too happy with my reporting about Fox News's pattern of ideologically slanted errors and Beck's journalistically conflicted relationship with a sponsor.

We do have a lot of conservative commenters on DailyFinance. Maybe Olbermann, like his bizarro doppelganger Bill O'Reilly, doesn't quite understand the difference between the people who write a website's articles and the people who read and comment on those articles? Let me set him straight: With a few exceptions (Hi, Mom!), I don't know our commenters, and they have nothing to do with setting our editorial tone.

Keith, I don't know what went into your decision to lie about us on your program. I don't know whether you've ever actually read anything on DailyFinance, or whether one of your producers just prepped a script for you and you performed it. But stuff like this is why people like Jon Stewart and me increasingly have questions about your intellectual honesty and integrity. Knock it off already.

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