FarmVille Stable: Two ways to get what you need

FarmVille stables arrived today, and instead of a fully formed building, players quickly discovered that they'd have to do a little more work before moving in their horses. That work consists of acquiring 50 items used to complete the building.

Materials required to complete the stable are the following:

10 boards
10 nails
10 bricks
10 bridles
10 horse shoes

These materials can be acquired in two ways:

1. Convince friends to send them to you as gifts

Staring today, everyone will have two of the materials in the "Free Gifts" tab of the game. Each player will have a different pair of items -- it's completely random -- which they can send to their friends. Items will change every week. The goal is to convince all of your friends to gift the items required, and the best way to do that is by sending gifts to them as well.

Once you receive the items as a gift, accept it and it will appear in your gift box. Open the gift box and click the Use button on the item and the item will be stored in the stable.

2. Buy materials from the FarmVille Market

If you don't want to wait for friends to send all of the right items, there's also an option to purchase them in the Market for FarmVille cash. Each item costs 1 FV$ each, so getting everything you need will cost 50 FV$, which is not exactly cheap. Once you buy the items, they will automatically be stored in the stable.

Once the stable is complete, you'll be rewarded with a gray horse. You can also move up to 20 horses into the stable and harvest every 24 hours.

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