Buy everything you see advertised during the Super Bowl for $163,827 ... or save

Super Bowl ads
Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl is the only football game many people watch, and they don't gather to watch sweaty bodies collide; they are there to watch the commercials. And while the merchants pay millions of dollars for a minute of your time, it's not coming out of your pocket, right? Wrong.

If you bought one of every item advertised during this year's game that we could ascribe a dollar value to, you'd pay $163,827.25, which is $6,329.65 more than if you bought similar items from companies that don't advertise during the Super Bowl. Face it, dude; the money for the obscenely high salaries earned by the players comes right out of your pocket.

Granted, some of the difference in price between goods advertised during the Super Bowl and those that aren't could represent a difference in quality. However, I'm convinced that much of what we perceive as better quality is due to the brainwashing effect of incessant advertising.

Given that, here's how the frugal shopper can save some bucks when tempted by the Super Bowl ads to buy, buy, buy.

The products being advertised during the big game can be sorted into a few neat categories: