Zynga goes to Hollywood -- opens up shop in Los Angeles [Updated]

zynga spreading out to LA
zynga spreading out to LA

[Update] Zynga, the Silicon Valley-based company responsible for FarmVille, Mafia Wars and others, looks like its is opening up shop in Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey to be exact), says a reliable source. That's right folks, Zynga is going Hollywood.

A quick search on the Web also revealed multiple listings for Flash developers, Product managers and Server engineers, all for a new LA office.

An ad for a Flash developer says, "Zynga is looking for all-star Flash Developers to become part of our talented team of engineers in the new Los Angeles Studio! Our Flash Developers get to build viral, fun social games that are viewed by millions!"

Why is this significant? Silicon Valley is a hotbed for technology and gaming -- with, seemingly, plenty of talent to be had. We've contacted Zynga for more insight, so in the meantime can only speculate:

1. Zynga wants to work closer with Hollywood/media companies on future projects
2. Zynga wants to nab talent from two of the biggest game studios around -- Activision and EA LA
3. Zynga's preparing to be purchased by Activision or another big game studio
4. Mark Pincus and crew want to escape the rainy Bay Area for more temperate climes.
and received the following response.

"Zynga is opening up an office in Marina Del Rey. Zynga LA will be very much like our Zynga East office in Baltimore where it will be a studio for our new games. We are looking to expand and scale our talent as we grow. The reason we chose LA is because of the talent in both interactive entertainment and Web which is essential for social games."

Looks like the speculation about borrowing talent from big gaming companies in the LA area wasn't too far off....