Ask not what your company can do for you— Ask what you can do for your company

interviewOne of the most common mistakes young college grads make when interviewing for a job, is conveying their personal reasons for attending the interview. There's a time to tell the complete truth, and there's a time to keep it under wraps.

"This is an amazing learning opportunity," or "I truly believe this job will give me the experience I need to start a successful career," were passable statements to make on those internship interviews. However, make no mistake about it; an employer is NOT paying you to learn or to gain valuable experience for yourself. An employer expects you to already possess the necessary knowledge and required experience. Therefore, throw every sentence that focuses on the benefits of the job for you out the window.

Instead, implement phrases on your interview such as "I'm a unique asset for your company," and then explain why. Remember, this is your one opportunity to convince the employer that you are going to be more beneficial to his or her company than any of the other applicants. Additionally, you should want the job because you are "passionate about the company's product or service" and thus, you will "be dedicated to ensuring the success of that product on every level."

The interview processes is a competition. There's only going to one person holding the trophy at the end of the day. If you're going to win, you need to develop a list of qualities and skills which you possess that set you apart from anyone else who walks through the door.

Once you develop your list, get to know it better than you know the lyrics of your favorite song or your weekday TV line-up. You should be able to articulate your list with clarity and confidence on a moment's notice.

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