Pet Society petlings all growed up (almost)

pet society petlings
pet society petlings

The second day of our petling's life was marked by significant growth. We couldn't resist bringing out our measuring stick from our cooking days. As you can see here, on the first day, George was barely 2 centimeters in height and all paws could fit in 1 centimeter. After we fed him a rare steak on the second day, he shot up to 2.4 cm, or 20% growth!

However, we also saw that he was starting to get an attitude!

In any case, we can't wait for him to mature to his full size. Already, we've noticed that in addition to walking and jumping, he can do a somersault in the air. And since Pet Society is full of surprises, we wonder if the petlings are going to start pooing!

Common Questions about Petlings in Pet Society

Q: How can I change my petling's color?

A: You can't control the color or breed of your pet. It does not matter what you feed it either. Like so many things in Pet Society, the way petlings turn out is purely random.

Q: Can I get more than one petling?
A: Only after your first one grows to its full size can you get a second one.

Q: What is the coolest name of a petling you've heard of?

A: Our friend Luxe named her petling James Dean. He rules.

Q: My pet came out dark blue. I hate the color. But I can't sell the petling, so I'm going to get rid of him by not feeding him and letting him run away.

A: I don't know why Playfish made it impossible to sell or gift your petlings, but in some ways, this is akin to real life. You shouldn't give away a pet simply because it didn't turn out to be exactly what you wanted. Make the best of what you have!

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