New York Prepares for Electric Cars

New Yorkers are ahead of the curve when it comes to their city's environmental sustainability thanks to plaNYC, an initiative established by the mayor in 2007. Last week the city released a forward-thinking plan to tackle a large challenge it faces: introducing and accommodating electric vehicles (EVs) in the city infrastructure.

Will your next apartment include a charging station for an electric vehicle?

To begin, the city investigated the actions being undertaken by cities like Paris and Shanghai.

The plaNYC study found the following regarding the introduction of EVs into the city:
  • There is a potentially large group of "early adopters." These folks would be willing to make the concessions necessary to own an EV. For example, they might have limited access to charging stations, but, would be willing to accept this in exchange for being at the forefront of technology and espousing an environmentally friendly lifestyle.
  • Early EV adopters are likely to outstrip available supply of electric cars. The lag in production will mean that EVs will be at a price premium, likely to exclude most before 2015.
  • The greatest need is communicating the pros and cons of EV ownership to early adopters. This sets the tone for later adopters.
  • Early adopters aren't motivated by tax or sales rebates. So, for the city to appeal to a larger market of other EV adopters, the city should focus on communicating benefits.

New York City residents have several key advantages over other areas of the country when it comes to being green. A majority of residents live in apartments, which typically - but not always - carry smaller environmental footprints. Few New Yorkers own cars, and, those that do typically drive fewer miles, and less frequently, than most Americans. Moreover, New Yorkers enjoy easy access to mass transit or pedestrian-friendly sidewalks to carry them to their destination in a manner greener than most.

Not in the market for an EV yet? No problem. Individual efforts to increase walking, biking, car-share, or use mass transit makes an impact. No parking space required!

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