Is Zynga taking a trip on the Oregon Trail?

zynga taking a trip on the oregon trail?
zynga taking a trip on the oregon trail?

As social game maker Zynga explores new frontiers, we are also hearing more rumors that the company responsible for mega-Facebook hit FarmVille, is hard at work on a frontier-themed game. This isn't exactly a surprise, however. In December, we discovered that Zynga had trademarked both FrontierVille, Frontier World and just plain Frontier, along with a handful of other potential game names.

With all of the mafia, pet and farming games on Facebook, it would be refreshing to see a game explore a "Go West" theme, maybe something along the lines of the classic game Oregon Trail (which was recently re-released on iPhone) where you travel, fish, hunt and deal with bandits and -- the worst case scenario -- death by dysentery.

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