How to snag a Mafia Wars Bangkok passport

The newest live city we can travel to in Mafia Wars is Bangkok, but accessing it is not as easy as before: we need to collect three items and a Thai Passport(referred to as Bangkok passport) before starting to explore the new and cool area. But... how can one get a BangkokPassport?
That's the tricky part, but we can do it with a little help and some perseverance. First of all, before even attempting to get the Bangkok Passport, you must collect three items:

- a Triad Coin (dropped randomly in the New York Solider Tier)
- a Yakuza Sake (dropped randomly in the New York Hitman Tier)
- a Thai Note (dropped randomly in the New York Enforcer Tier)The job that can get you any of these items is marked with a golden elephant, so that's what you should be doing until you get them – some people get them instantly, others (like myself), get them really hard! Either way, once you get these three items, you can finally hope for the Thai Passport. There are three ways to get it:

1. First of, you should ask the clerk for a passport. He may give it to you by free – but the chances are really slim for this to happen. However, it's the first thing you must try and you can do it once per 10 hours.
2. If asking the clerk doesn't give you the Bangkok passport, you can pay Godfather Points for it. The Bangkok passport is pretty expensive at $7.50 (30 reward points) but at least it's a clear go.
3. Alternately, you can get the passport free of charge if you have active players who have already unlocked Bangkok in Mafia Wars: you canask for a Thai passport from your friends and there's a really big chance for them to have one if they have unlocked Bangkok since it's a drop item in the jobs there.

Either way, you have to be patient: sooner rather than later the doors to Bangkok will be opened for you and your Mafia. Good luck!

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