Home Fencing System Saves You Money

"Good fences make good neighbors," goes the line from Robert Frost's poem The Mending Wall. In the case of EarthSure's S.A.F.E., a good fence also makes an eco-friendly neighbor.

S.A.F.E. stands for Solar Alternative Functioning Energy, and if you've been contemplating a new fence or adding solar to your home -- or both -- EarthSure's fencing system is worth consideration.

Apart from being manufactured from recycled PVC (yet another eco-friendly feature), the fence sports an integrated solar array. A system of lenses gathers sunlight and feed it to solar panels. The converted electricity is then piped into your home.

After the jump, check out the video that shows the fence at work....While it's sure to set you back a few dollars more than a traditional fence, EarthSure is quick to point out the potential savings. For starters, government subsidies can cover from anywhere from 30-50% of the purchase and installation costs. On top of that, you'll also be eligible for Renewable Energy Credits based on the amount of electricity generated.

Like composite decking systems, the PVC fence should also be nearly maintenance-free -- providing further labor and cost savings. Factor in reduced electricity bills, and it's not hard to see how an S.A.F.E. fence from EarthSure could be a very smart investment both financially and environmentally.

So how much will it cost? CEO Raymond Saluccio told me, "At this time we do not have a definitive price structure because of some of the unknowns not yet quoted on in material costs." He added, "We do know that it is the only fence that has a return on investment."
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