Get Your Man Cave Ready Before Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and if you haven't got your man cave up and running yet, now is the time to get moving.

A man cave is an at-home getaway and can be your go-to retreat for a variety of occasions. Some of the uses of these sanctuaries include being used as an entertainment room (an enormous TV is essential), a game room with a billiards table or video games, a workshop, an exercise room, or even a hunting lodge. There are numerous other man cave themes to keep you men relaxed and entertained.

Forget the throw pillows and prepare your power outlets to keep your high tech toys humming. Here are some basic essentials any man cave enthusiast should have on hand :
Large TV

The bigger, the better. If you've got about $24,000 to throw around, then the 70-inch Sumsung touch screen LCD TV is the way to go. If that's too pricey, then head out to Costco and buy a 42-inch flat screen HD TV.

Universal remote
If you're going to entertain, you might as well make it easy with a $216 Logitech Harmony advanced universal remote control. The interactive color display makes it easy to control all of your entertainment systems. Or stop by Sears for the $10 special.

Video games
For $300, the PS3 Slim is one of the best deals for a man cave that you'll want to use daily. The PS3 has wi-fi, a built-in Blu-Ray player and enough video games to keep you and your friends busy for hours. You could also get the Nintendo Wii, but those games make relaxing on the couch a lot more difficult.

Electronic toys
These go beyond video games and can include anything from a souped-up remote-controlled truck to the latest high tech gadget that caught your eye at the mall. One of my favorites is a Chumby, a hand-sized alarm clock that also contains wi-fi to supply you with a stream of all the things you consider important - Facebook access, podcasts, or keeping track of all the current sports events.

One good toy to have, if you have an extra $5,000 to spend, is a Segway. These battery-operated scooters may not actually be toys, since you'll need some skill and balance to drive them, but they can make a beer run to the store a fun escape from the man cave.

When not in use, the man cave should be locked up. You don't want anyone getting inside without you around (i.e. females). A deadbolt lock is a good start, and a $230 WowWee Rovio is an even better one. It's a remote controlled robot that wheels around as a wi-fi enabled webcam to give you streaming audio and video of your man cave.

Drinks and good seating
It should go without saying, but a bar and a good couch on which to take a nap are essentials of a man cave. If you're not stocked with drinks, you'll have to leave and go to the kitchen (or the store via Segway), and who wants to do that? A reclining chair is also a must-have.

Aaron Crowe is a freelance journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area who can be found at
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