Free emergency food stash

Get a free food sample from Prepare then Share, a site that sells emergency preparedness kits, when you sign up here. Share your name, email, address, and phone number to get the sample. Ohh, phone number? That makes me hesitate. Why would they possibly need my phone number unless they were going to CALL me? Ugg.

Prepare then Share has a menu of long-lasting food items with pictures that make me hungry. But how will their beef stroganoff taste after hiding out in my trunk for months?

One cool feature on the site is a calculator to determine how much food you need to have in your emergency stash. It asks you how many adults and children you need to feed three times a day and how many days you want your grub to last. For two adults and two children to eat for 30 days they recommend 464 servings.

I'm going to start with my free food sample and see how it tastes.

Thanks, Hey It's Free!