A Look Into the Home Life of Unhappy Hipsters


First there was LOLCats, then I Can Haz Cheezburger. Then there was Stuff White People Like, then Farmville. There is always an internet meme, but until last week, there wasn't really a big, earth-shattering site for the design crowd.

Sure, the designerati have plenty of blogs and even more sites for commentary. We even have Regretsy, a blog devoted to some of Etsy's worst ideas ever--"Where DIY Meets WTF"-- which introduced the world to the Skants (i.e. what happens when you wear a sweater as a drafty skirt) and Bryant Gumball.

But now we have the brilliance that is the newly-launched UnhappyHipsters -- a re-captioning of Dwell magazine's perfectly articulated, perfectly apathy-filled photographs.