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Most of you probably have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of MP3 files on your laptop or desktop computer. What you may not have is a hassle-free way to listen to those tunes without having to be parked in front of your system.

Aperion Audio has an fail-proof solution. Their wireless Home Audio Link system is a simple way to pipe music from your computer system to just about anything with speakers. Connect it to your home theater system, a bookshelf stereo, television set, or even that old radio out in the garage. As long as you have a set of red-and-white RCA inputs to plug into, you're good to go.It's quite a bit more versatile than Apple's AirPort Express when it comes to streaming your music. For $20 more, HAL also features a mini stereo jack which allows you to connect any device with a headphone plug like an MP3 player or most smartphones. You're also not locked in to using iTunes -- programs like Windows Media Player and Winamp will work just fine.

As Aperion points out, you can also use HAL to relocate that clunky powered subwoofer of yours somewhere more convenient.

The starter kit includes a send and receive unit, and there's no software to install on your computer. Just plug in your new HALs, press the link button, and enjoy the music. You can also purchase additional receivers should you want to listen in additional locations. It's even possible to transmit surround sound from your computer -- all that's required is a second receive unit.

Aperion's HAL has already received some glowing reviews for its simple setup, versatility, and the high quality of audio output -- three things which are sometimes lacking in similarly priced wireless systems.

One more thing Aperion has going for it is free lifetime tech support. That's a huge bonus for anyone who doesn't trust their technical abilities, and a sure sign that Aperion has confidence in their product's ease-of-use.
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