Secrets of a Skunk Whisperer

skunk whisperer
skunk whisperer

Think your job is difficult, unpredictable, dangerous ... maybe even smelly? Just imagine if there was an angry skunk involved!

We had a chat with Ned Bruha, vice president of The Skunk Whisperer, an Oklahoma-based company specializing in humane wildlife control methods, to get the secrets of his trade.

Hi Ned. Tell us about what you do.

We offer wildlife control solutions ranging from nuisance critter removal, eviction, exclusion, wild animal problem prevention, structural damage and and attic repair-all without needlessly killing wildlife.

There is no such thing as a typical day. When we wake up in the morning, we do have our scheduled wildlife control missions-but Mother Nature frequently has plans for us, too. Squirrels under baby cribs, raccoons under couches, bats in the draperies... our career never allows for the same ol' thing day after day. We enjoy "atypical."