Life360 manages the unexpected events in your life

floodIf nothing unexpected ever happened life would be a bit boring, but there are some unexpected things we can all do without.

For example: being in the middle of a natural disaster, having a child wander off, losing our identity or losing our cell phones and laptops. Life360 can't put a protective bubble around your family but it can make it easier to get through these unexpected events without losing your sanity, and best off all that's just with the free version.

The free version of Life 360 offers access to an Emergency Messenger, Life360ID and Lost and Found services. The paid programs start at $7.95 a month include access to Identity Protector which helps you protect your identity and credit.

Emergency Messenger: This tool lets you set up emergency messaging alerts for family members to let them know that you are OK in the event of a natural disaster. A family member, emergency responder or other individual can call one number or send one message to the Life360 service and Life360 will then relay it to the rest of the family; retrying until the message has been delivered. This type of service is handy especially when you consider that lines of communication can become clogged in an emergency.

Life360ID: The Life360ID service is also included in the free version of the Life360. With it you can create an emergency ID with contact information, a picture, allergies and more. The ID includes contact information so that whoever is reading it can use the emergency messenger to alert the family. You can print an emergency ID for free or you can purchase a keychain tag (shown below), sport bracelet, metal bracelet, shoe clip, or day bracelet for between $8 and $14 for a more durable or wearable solution. The day bracelet or shoe clip would be a good idea for a family trip to an amusement park or other crowded location.

Lost and Found services: Lost and found is another nice service included with Life360 which helps reconnect you with your lost items. The company claims that adding one of its tags to your item increases the likelihood that it will be returned from 5% up to 80% and are so confident that the service works that the company will cover your lost item up to $125 if it isn't returned.

You can print your own Lost and Found tags for free or purchase a durable 3M sticky Lost and Found tag starting at $2.95. You can add a reward to the item and your personal info is not shared with the finder.

Life360 is a relatively new service that aims to help you keep track of the important things in your life without a lot of hassle; something the free version does well. What impressed me about the service is that the free offering works out great for someone like me who is married with no children while the paid version may be more useful for families with children. Additionally I liked the fact that Life360 combines high tech options like the ability to track family members using an Android phone with low tech options like text message notifications and ID tags.

You can sign up for the free version or look at the paid options at Life360. If you want to use the free version make sure you sign up directly with Life360 instead of using the Facebook connect option. Currently the Facebook option will not allow you to sign up for free, an issue the company is working on.
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