How Lady Gaga Can Help You Get a Job

lady gagaEven though she didn't take home an armload of Grammys, Lady Gaga was nominated five times and played a duet with Sir Elton John. How cool is that? In just a few years, the 23-year-old went from obscurity to ubiquity, boasting more than 321.5 million MySpace plays. She's 2009's top-selling artist, having moved 15.3 million units. There is no disputing the fact that Lady Gaga is an outrageous sensation.

So what's her secret for success? Well, she has a number of them, some of which you can apply to your own job search. Observe as we break it down:

1. She spins the web. That Lady is all over the internet, topping the charts on YouTube and virtually every entertainment and music site out there. How? She's carved a unique niche for herself. Why not try carving that kind of niche out for yourself in your own industry? You don't have to be as wild and crazy as Lady Gaga, but you can find a way to stand out. For example, be the only one in your field who emphasizes your niche on a personal blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, even YouTube (if you dare).

2. She gives it away. Many people are enjoying Lady Gaga's music after having downloaded it for free -- and legally. How does she profit from this? It enhances her image and gets people to buy her t-shirts, both literally and figuratively. They buy concert tickets and a myriad of items she endorses because they've heard her music and like it. How does this translate into your world? Be willing to give away your skills and expertise in order to promote yourself into a job. Volunteer. Offer to mentor. Give away advice in your field on your own website. You could even make your own videos, giving helpful tips in your area of expertise. No one wants to see a video of you telling the world how great you are, but they might be interested in some original pointers that could help them.

3. She proves she's the real deal. Most music experts and critics agree that Lady Gaga is genuinely talented. She's an accomplished and original musician and entertainer. She lives up to her extraordinary hype. As you brand yourself, make sure you live up to your own hype. If you're not up on the latest in your field, use your spare time to hone up: take classes, do some research. You'll be amazed at the resources that are available right here online.

4. She sacrifices for her art. Let's face it, some of the costumes she wears are hardly flattering and she knows she sometimes looks freakish, but she's willing to do what it takes to stand out and get attention. I'm not suggesting you wear haystack hair and space suits, but I am saying you need to let everyone know you're willing to go the extra mile--and you're smart enough to know what that extra mile is.

5. She's learned from the masters. People are saying that Lady Gaga is the next Madonna. Who better to pattern herself after? At her height, Madonna was known for outrageously reinventing herself. Lady Gaga seems to do that every five minutes. Who are the rock stars in your field, and what can you learn from them? Think about what name you'd like to fill in the blank: "He's/she's the next ______." Now study that person -- think about how and why they got to be so successful and incorporate whatever you can into your own career.

You may not be able to relate to Lady Gaga's outlalndish personal style. You might even be nonplussed by her music. But there's no arguing the fact that she's wildly successful and her advice is free--why not take advantage of it?

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