Denny's Superbowl freebie again

Denny's will announce a free breakfast giveaway during a Superbowl commercial just like it did last year. Folks will be able to get a free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010, two days after the big game.

"We are leveraging the power of the Super Bowl once again to connect with our customers to keep Denny's in their hearts and minds," Denny's executive Nelson Marchioli said in a press release.

Why is Denny's repeating the same freebie? Last year they spent $5 million on the promotion and got about $50 million in free publicity because so many news outlets covered the deal,Nation's Restaurant News reports.

You can also get a free Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday with identification.

A Gand Slam breakfast is pretty big! You get to choose four items from the following list: bacon strips, buttermilk biscuit, chicken sausage patty (one), egg whites (two), eggs (two), English muffin, grits, hash browns, hearty wheat pancakes, (two), oatmeal, pancakes (two), sausage links (two).

I would chose the bacon, two eggs, pancakes, and hash browns. What about you?