Call bullsh*t on fake FarmVille groups offering 'free' anything

farmville items free bullshit button
farmville items free bullshit button

Fed up with friends who ask you to join FarmVille Facebook groups that offer 'free' coins, villas, rare animals, etc? Many have discovered that these offers are scams and that groups are simply trying to get as many members as possible for nefarious reasons.

FarmVille fan Ellen Colson, who is more fed up with these scammy offers (and her friends who keep falling for them), created a group on Facebook called "Make a Bullshit-button that I can use when my friends join Fake-FV-Groups!"

Colson rants on the fan page:

"None of my neighbors seem the learn from their mistakes...
Farmville-groups that promise to give you something after you have invited your friends ARE BULLSHIT!
You NEVER get anything from them! Think Logically! "

There aren't any instructions about what to do once you retrieve the button, but we came up with the following.

- Join one of these scam groups and post the button to their Facebook page.
- If you find a scammy group, link it it from the Bullshit page as a way to warn players that they're not legit.
- Send the button to friends who ask you to join these groups.

Either way, we're happy to see a teed off farmer -- pitchfork in hand -- ready to take these seedy groups to task.