Are You Talking?

networkingEveryone knows the saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know." This aphorism rings true in the business world, especially when it comes to the initial step of getting your foot in the door of a particular company or organization.

Let's see, who is more likely to get the job... the well qualified applicant who sent in her résumé via an online application website OR the interviewer's friend's cousin's friend who has the basic fundamental skill set required for the open position? Place your bets! Anyone? Bueller? Something tells me you know the correct answer, which is of course: "the interviewer's friend's cousin's friend."

Now here's the REAL question du jour, how come YOU can't be the lucky friend? I'm telling you that YOU CAN. Networking is the key to landing the job that you desire and non-traditional methods often work just as well as traditional ones. Don't be afraid to mention that you are on the job hunt to friends, family members, neighbors... even the guy who pours your macchiato in the morning at Starbucks. Who's to say the macchiato guy isn't the cousin of the friend of the interviewer?

That would make YOU the lucky friend. I have seen too many people (especially young people) miss out on opportunities because they were merely too quick to assume nothing would come of talking or inquiring. However, I am "the student of a friend of a friend." Therefore, I am proof that talking and inquiring can pay off BIG TIME. Here's some great news in a dismal job market: open job positions are indeed out there and the way you are eventually going to land one is by merely connecting with the right person at the right time. So why not improve your chances right now? Start talking!

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