New Decorating Game On YoVille Earns You Rewards


The decorating feature has arrived. This is a great way for all of those who enjoy decorating on YoVille to earn cool rewards and new badges.

Below is a list of tips and tricks prepared by Zynga's Platinum Ninja;

- Decorate all of your rooms in your home everyday to receive a daily bonus of room points!!

- Use the coolest items in Yoville

- Get Creative with your designs and the items you use

- Use multiple items in your room! Make sure to use the current themed items as well as try to tap into each category of items!

- Try moving old items around to create a new decor

- Get your friends involved - Share your room on your Facebook Wall when you level up and your friends will be able to click in and get rewards.

We'll explain more about this new feature as soon as we get to try it.

This article originally appeared on YoVille Lounge.