YouTube Rental Ad for Perfect Park Slope Pad


The story goes: a friend of a friend of a friend has a way of making sure he doesn't end up with crazy roommates. The test? "Say you had something you wanted to discuss with one or all of us, and we were out for the day," he'll say to prospective renters. "What would you do?"

Anyone who so much as mentions the words "note," "fridge," and "leave," is automatically disqualified.

Dirk Healy doesn't have such stringent requirements, but the 29-year-old Brooklyn resident is, with an ingenious advertising strategy, giving potential roommates as clear a sense of who he is as he's looking to get from them. Last week, Healy posted a video on YouTube advertising a "Park Slope Garden Duplex for rent Feb 1st!"

See his YouTube video after the jump...

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