Your computer's fine. Bank of America's web site, not so much


If you've been trying to log onto Bank of America's web site today, with no luck, it's not your imagination or your computer's fault -- B of A's Web site is down. Or at least it was at the time of this writing -- and had been throughout much of Friday morning and the early afternoon.

If you try to log onto its site, you'll get a "problem loading page" notice (if you're using Firefox).

It was speculated on that it might be a cyber attack, although the writer there admitted that plenty of web sites malfunction, and this may just be one of those times.

Times Asia is reporting it as the server simply crashing.

I contacted Bank of America, and spokesperson Anne Pace told me that "Bank of America's Online Banking service is, indeed, available. However, some customers are having intermittent issues accessing the site."

If we learn more, we'll let you know. In the meantime, if you're one of those "some customers" trying to do some online banking, you might want to resort to the old-fashioned way and head to a brick and mortar branch, or call its customer service line if you have half an hour to spare. If you were planning on paying bills online, pull out your checkbook and find a stamp. Or try another computer, and maybe you'll have better luck.

P.S. I'm told by Ms. Pace that as of 8 p.m., Friday, January 29th, the issues have been resolved, and that the web site is up and running.