Taylor Swift Dishes on Design


Last month, in our story about Taylor Swift, we mentioned that the songbird was flying the parental coup. Swift and had purchased a 4,063 square foot 3 bedroom, 4 .5 bathroom penthouse in downtown Nashville for $1,990,000 million.

And now, decorating is on her mind.

According to Rolling Stone, the superstar plans to construct a moat-like pond around her living room fireplace. And what's a pond without koi fish? "I have really, really just strange kind of imagination," she told the show, Extra. "All of the crazy things that I thought of when I was in second grade that I thought it would be cool to put into a condo." And how does she describe her style? She told Oprah Winfrey that it's mostly "whimsical quirky eclectic tree house," and added " I just really want it to be different from everywhere else I see."

Swift has thrived on being different and standing out from her peers. She first started visiting Nashville from her native Pennsylvania at twelve. By thirteen, she was writing songs and landed a development deal with RCA. And she's the first country artist to ever win a Video Music Award.

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