Sweet L.A. Rental: Eagle Rock Paradise for $2,200

The ad for this apartment describes it as a renter's paradise. Well, sign me up. That's exactly what I'm looking for in a new apartment.

I imagine being shown around this splendid 2-bedroom house -- located in the arty community of Eagle Rock -- by Hobbits and gnomes, or maybe a few of those fellows from "Lord of the Rings."
That truly would be a renter's paradise. In this case, we're talking of a cozy house with maple wood floors and both a front and backyard that wafts of fragrant lavender.

Here's what really makes it a sweet rental.....

Eagle Rock is the new Echo Park, which was the new Silverlake, for those of you not paying attention. It's the ideal Los Angeles neighborhood for arty hipsters who have been priced out of those other aforementioned locales. Not only that, but part of Eagle Rock was used in the filming of the Michael J. Fox movie, "Teen Wolf," so it's got film-cred, too. (Essential in L.A.)

Imagine your new life in this renter's paradise as you wallow in the amazing natural light in the living room provided by a full wall of windows and glass doors that lead out to the deck. Envision entertaining in your new lemon-tree-filled backyard with succulents, flowers herbs and two organic garden beds open for you to go all Michell Obama with veggies.

All I can says is, one of you readers better rent this place soon or else I'm going to grab it!

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