Fishbook, your complete FishVille database


At Social Games Help I do my best to deliver all the latest news regarding the new items and fish introduced to FishVille but we still don't have an easy to access database - a fast and reliable one that tells you all the stuff you need to know about everything FishVille.

fishbook logo
fishbook logo

Fortunately, the nice folks over at Playata decided to offer us exactly what we need - a nifty and complete FishVille database - the FishBook, a completely free-to-use application!

Personally, I was surprised with the level of depth and the completeness of the information on FishBook - there is really everything you could wish to know about FishVille there (and even some extra goodies). For example, you can use their Growth Timer calculator and calculate when your fish will mature, or maybe access their "XP per day" charts and find out which are the most profitable fish in FishVille.

Except for that, just a few clicks away, you have all the details you need to know about the items in the game, the awards and much more.

In other words, for the FishVille player, access to the FishBook (which is completely FREE to use - I must repeat that) is a must!

Article reprinted with permission from Social Games Help.