FarmVille unreleased Horse Stable rumored breakdown


Thank you to FarmVille Freak Xeek for digging up the this information regarding FarmVille's rumored Horse Stable.

This information has not been confirmed.

Looks like barn raising will be coming back for the horse stable. The following two links may shed some light on this rumored item.

This is what Xeek was able to find out.

From what i dug up:

its a 7×3 building
stable is 5000 coins, limit of 1, 20 horses horse, clydesdale, pony, grey, and superbowl horse

it requires you to build the stable
50 items required to do so.
bricks, harnesses, horseshoes, nails, and wood boards 10 of each im seeing coins 100 / cash 1?

they are limited items available from
nails 1/31-2/2
woodboard 2/2-2/4
horseshoe 2/2-2/5
bricks 2/4-2/6
harness 2/6-2/8

- FarmVille Freak Xeek

farmville freak xeeks horse stable
farmville freak xeeks horse stable

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