FarmVille unreleased flags: All 50 USA State Flags coming soon!

FarmVille has in the works all 50 State flags of the United States of America.farmville freak farmgoddess and dr green thumbs texas prideIn the future you will be able to proudly display your home state's flag on your farm.

There is no release date as of yet and if the cost is similar to other specialized flags in the FarmVille Market such as Country flags, they will most likely cost 16 FV$ farm cash.

See below for a sneak peek of all the state flags. Go Texas!!!

  1. Link: Alabama
  2. Link: Alaska
  3. Link: Arizona
  4. Link: Arkansas
  5. Link: California
  6. Link: Colorado
  7. Link: Connecticut
  8. Link: Delaware
  9. Link: Florida
  10. Link: Georgia
  11. Link: Hawaii
  12. Link: Idaho
  13. Link: Illinois
  14. Link: Indiana
  15. Link: Iowa
  16. Link: Kansas
  17. Link: Kentucky
  18. Link: Louisiana
  19. Link: Maine
  20. Link: Maryland
  21. Link: Massachusetts
  22. Link: Michigan
  23. Link: Minnesota
  24. Link: Mississippi *
  25. Link Missouri *
  1. Link: Montana
  2. Link: Nebraska
  3. Link: Nevada
  4. Link: New Hampshire *
  5. Link: New Jersey
  6. Link: New Mexico
  7. Link: New York
  8. Link: North Carolina
  9. Link: North Dakota
  10. Link: Ohio
  11. Link: Oklahoma
  12. Link: Oregon
  13. Link: Pennsylvania
  14. Link: Rhode Island
  15. Link: South Carolina
  16. Link: South Dakota
  17. Link: Tennessee
  18. Link: Texas
  19. Link: Utah
  20. Link: Vermont
  21. Link: Virginia
  22. Link: Washington
  23. Link: West Virginia *
  24. Link: Wisconsin
  25. Link: Wyoming

*These states are not available due to spelling errors in code or they have not yet been created.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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