Dress up your Happy Pets with new hats and collars


What a week for Happy Pets fans! Earlier this week we taught our furry friends super fun tricks and found homes for sad, lonely turtle. As if these updates weren't enough, Happy Pets continues to deliver the goods by rolling out new hats, styles, and collars for our pets.

Unfortunately, cats are limited to just the selection of hats. Being a cat person, I was a bit disappointed to find I couldn't dress my cute kitteh Boozie up in a bow tie. On the other hand, pup lovers will rejoice to find dogs get the whole selection, from mohawks to bandannas.

Most of the items cost Facebook Credits and you'll have to shell out anywhere from 4 to 20 for some of the more extravagant styles. To shop for the hot new gear: select a pet then click "Dress Up" and choose from a variety of neat accessories. Give your happy pet some personality!

Check out all the new items after the break.